Patient - Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Individual's Sites

  • EIR: The Environmental Illness Resource

    The site was developed by an individual with chronic fatigue syndrome in order to share information and create community. Environmental Illness refers to illness or symptoms triggered directly by environmental factors including chemicals, food, water and physical particles, resulting in specific symptoms and overall poor health. The web site includes an overview of IBS, online articles, IBS news, and an IBS forum.

  • Help for

    Author Heather Van Vorous provides a comprehensive dietary guide for managing symptoms and living with IBS. The web site includes recipes, lifestyle changes, information on yoga and hypnosis for IBS, recommended books, supplements, a message board on eating for IBS and more.

  • IBS Health

    This website provides current general and professional information on IBS, IBS research, support groups, medications, testing, foods, glossaries, searchable databases, psychological treatments and links to the latest articles.

  • The IBS Register
    Contains listings of medical centers, doctors and health professionals who specialize in various forms of IBS testing and treatments from around the world and locally. The site provides current accurate information on IBS for medical professionals as well as information for patients.

  • IBS Tales
    This helpful website was created by a person with IBS in order to read about others' experiences (both good and bad) with IBS, and post your own experience.